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Stress at work accounts for a high percentage of lost working days, and the number of people suffering from stress-related conditions is increasing.

Napo identifies some of the causes of stress at work in his traditional humorous style including excessive demands, low control, constant pressure, unacceptable behavior, lack of respect, change, bad planning and contradictory instructions which lead to errors, fatigue, burnout, exhaustion and poor performance.

Psycho social risks at work can be successfully managed, and managing risks improves the well being of workers and the performance of companies. The key is prevention. The film is designed for all work environments and is intended to open up discussion about some of the most difficult issues facing workers, managers and supervisors.

When stress strikes-Introduction

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When stress strikes-Model worker

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When stress strikes-Always available

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When stress strikes-Changes is now

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When stress strikes-No Respect

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When stress strikes-Contradictory order

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When stress strikes-Counter stress

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When stress strikes-Nightmare care

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