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Safe Maintenance :

Poor standards of maintenance are a major cause of accidents and occupational diseases. Many accidents happen during maintenance work, or because of lack of maintenance or as a result of poor quality maintenance.

This film shows Napo in a variety of situations; sometimes he is the maintenance worker, at other times he is an employee. We see the importance of isolating or ‘lock-off’ when maintenance is being carried out on machinery, the problems of ‘hidden hazards’, work in confined spaces, and the importance of competent persons carrying out maintenance work, particularly inspection and testing.

This film, which is suitable for all sectors and all levels of employees, seeks to promote good practice and draws attention to the importance of safe maintenance.

Safe Maintenance- Introduction

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Safe Maintenance- Lock out

Click below link to download- Lock out



Safe Maintenance- Hidden Hazard

Click below link to download- Hidden Hazard




Safe Maintenance- Don't Improvise

Click below link to download- Don't Improvise



Safe Maintenance- In a rush

Click below link to download- In a rush




Safe Maintenance- Work within

Click below link to download- Work within



Safe Maintenance- One two what to do

Click below link to download-One two what to do




Safe Maintenance- The End

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