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Lighten the Load:

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most common work-related health problem in Europe, affecting millions of workers - at some point in their life as many as 90 percent of people will suffer from back pain, upper limb disorders, and repetitive strain injuries.

'Lighten the load' supports an integrated management approach to tackling MSDs, and the need to address the 'whole load on the body', which covers all the stresses and strains, environmental factors such as cold working conditions, the pace at which the work is being carried out, and the load being moved.

The film shows Napo confronting different work situations and is suitable for all workers, including migrant and temporary workers. There are eleven scenes showing typical situations faced in the workplace.

Lighten the Load- Start


Click below link to download- Start




Lighten the load- Modern Stressful times


Click below link to download- Stressful times



Lighten the load- Divide and rule


Click below link to download- Divide and rule




Lighten the load-Radical Ergonomics


Click below link to download-Radical Ergonomics



Lighten the load- Twist and shout


Click below link to download-Twist and Shout




Lighten the load- No Grip


Click below link to download- No Grip



Lighten the load- Working Height


Click below link to download- Working Height




Lighten the load- Bad Vibrations


Click below link to download- Bad Vibrations



Lighten the load- The Duel


Click below link to download- The Duel




Lighten the load- Think to Move


Click below link to download- Think to Move



Lighten the load- Hold me Tight


Click below link to download-Hold me Tight




Lighten the load- The End


Click below link to download- The End



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