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The Adventures:

The film looks at common risks in the workplace and is ideal for young people who have little or no experience of work. It highlights risk awareness, the need to work safely and the importance or training.This film is suitable for all sectors and for all levels of employees but especially for young people in training or work experience.The objectives are to raise awareness of basic risks and to invite the audience to reflect about accidents and discuss how they can be prevented.There are nine misadventures and each is typical of an individual or collective risk in an enterprise. The film highlights the importance of accurately signposting risks, understanding warning labels, safety when traveling to and from work, the use of appropriate personal protective equipment, not taking risks, using the correct and most appropriate packaging, the importance of not taking short cuts and the importance of work equipment being operated by trained workers.

The Adventures- Start


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The Adventures-Important of signposting


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The Adventures-Signposting is not enough


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The Adventures-Labels should be read


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The Adventures-Choose public transport


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The Adventures-Right Protection at the right time


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The Adventures-Improvising means risk taking


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The Adventures-Each product has its own packing


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The Adventures-Too much pressure likely to be Harmful


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The Adventures-Unsuitable material + Incompetence = Accident


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