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Safe Moves:

he focus is on workplace transport. Central to the film is the fork-lift truck alongside other forms of internal and external transport.

The film includes scenes about site safety, people safety, vehicle safety, maintenance, visibility, reversing, and loading/unloading. It is suitable for all workers but especially for new employees and young workers.

The main theme of the film is that transport in the workplace must be well organized and well managed. This requires planning, implementation and monitoring by senior managers, risk assessment to identify hazards and risks, and the need to take appropriate action. It also requires appropriate behavior from employees who should be properly trained and well supervised, and a cooperative approach so that risks are reduced and hazards are properly managed.

Safe Moves -Planning for safety

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Safe Moves- Danger -Unloading

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Safe Moves- Danger - Poor Maintenance

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Safe Moves- Danger - Carried away

Click below link to download- Carried away



Safe Moves- Danger - Separate Ways

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Safe Moves- Danger - Circus Number

Click below link to download- Circus Number



Safe Moves- Danger - Unstable Load

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Safe Moves- Danger - Clear vision

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Safe Moves- Danger - Danger calling

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Safe Moves- Danger - Danger calling

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