Dos and Don ts - Scaffolding

Dos and Don ts - Scaffolding:

• Install and use scaffolding accessories based on the manufacturer’s recommended procedures.

• Place scaffolds on stable ground.

• Lock scaffold wheels when in use.

• Remove tools or debris on scaffold platforms.

• Equip all open sides and ends of scaffold platforms with proper guardrails, mid rails, and toe boards.

• Wear a hard hat when working on or under a scaffold.

• Wear sturdy, nonslip shoes when working on a scaffold.

• Remove anything placed on scaffolds at the end of the work shift.

• Maintain at least a 10-foot distance between scaffolds and electric power lines.

• Avoid striking scaffolds with materials or vehicles.

• Intermix scaffolds, frames and components of different manufacturers.

• Use scaffolds as storage for tools or materials.

• Move scaffolds while they’re in use or occupied.

• Alter scaffolding accessories.

• Use makeshift scaffolds like planks laid across concrete blocks or other materials.

• Work on scaffolds when there’s a strong wind or storm.

• Use ladders or other materials on top of scaffolds to increase their height.