Dos and Don ts -Motor vehicle riding safety

Dos and Don ts -Motor vehicle riding safety:

Our Bike & Gear

• Wear specialized CE certified armor.

• Use some type of demister on your helmet visor.

• Have your bike regularly serviced.

• Perform pre-ride checks, inspect your tires, controls, lights and accessories, oils and fluids, chassis and chain, and kickstand.

General Riding

• Be aware of what’s going on around you at all times, use your mirrors and check your blind spots.

• Ride defensively, anticipate potential problems and keep your distance.

• Get your legs and body away from your bike as quickly as you can if a crash is inevitable.

Road & Weather Conditions

• Constantly look out for potential problems with the road surface in front of you.

• Check the weather forecast before you go for a ride.

• Anticipate the types of problem you may encounter on certain roads e.g. if you are near a petrol fuel on the road is more likely.

Our Bike & Gear

• Don’t wear dark motorcycle clothing; the more bright and visible you are the better.

• Don’t wear a helmet again if it has been dropped or subjected to any impact; replace it immediately.

• Don’t put stickers on your helmet; they’ll weaken it.

• Don’t ride if you notice any problems on your pre-ride inspection.

General Riding

• Don’t filter if you are in any doubt whether it is safe to do so.

• Don’t be too eager to overtake; always wait until it is safe.

• Don’t lose concentration; it’s one of the most dangerous things you can do.

Road & Weather Conditions

• Don’t forget that water, wet leaves and oil/fuel on the road will seriously reduce your grip.

• Don’t make dangerous man oeuvres when trying to avoid minor potential hazards.

• Don’t ride in poor conditions if you are at all uncomfortable with them.