Dos and Don ts - Hot work

Dos and Don ts- Hot work:

• Do ensure your weld surface is as clean as possible. TIG welding on a dirty or impure work surface will result in a messy and uneven weld.

• Do take the time to prepare your tungsten by grinding it to a fine point – much like a sharp pencil.

• Do look after your TIG welder. Before you start to weld, think about the angles you will be welding at and whether you need to use water or air cooling.

• Make the most of your TIG welder by working with a wide array of materials.

• Do mix your argon with a little helium if you are going to be TIG welding aluminum and use a 50/50 mix when welding magnesium or thick alloy.

• Don’t be tempted to use too much torch gas when working with aluminum A/C.

• Don’t forget to do as sufficient research into tungsten sizes before you start welding. Always use the right tungsten for the job at hand.

• Don’t weld in windy conditions if you can help it. The shielding gases will lose coverage and this will result in your weld becoming porous and full of pinholes.

• Don’t even think about welding without the right safety equipment. You will need a helmet, welding gloves, fire retardant clothing and also equipment to extract fumes where necessary.

• Use equipment that’s defective or not in good repair.

• Lay down a torch on a table with oil residues. Oil and oxygen do not mix.