Dos and Dont's - Gasoline

Dos and Dont's - Gasoline :

  • Use gasoline out doors only and store in cool place and well ventilated areas.
  • Start char coal grills only fluid labelled as "charcoal stater fluids".
  • Keep gasoline locked up and put of the reach of children,
  • Use containers that have been lighted or approving.
  • Fill gas powered equipmentwhen engineers are cool.

Siphon gasoline by mouth.

  • Use gasoline near a flame source, such as burning leaves or brush.
  • Induce vomiting if gasoline is swallowed.
  • Use gasoline as a cleaning fluid or solvent.
  • Store gasoline in the house.
  • Dispense gasoline into a portable container while it is located inside the vehicle, or pick up truck bed