Dos and Don ts - Fire safety- Residential area:

1. Keep your house neat and clean.

2. Keep matches, lighters and crackers away from children. Handle crackers with care,

3. Use metal ashtrays while smoking to dispose off matches, used cigarettes and bids.

4. Papers, clothes and flammable liquids should be kept away from heaters/stoves/open choolahs.

5. Keep the escape routes/staircases free of any obstructions.

6. Use only one electrical appliance in one socket.

7. Keep LPG stoves on raised platform Never on the floor.

8. Turn off the cylinder valve and burned knob of the gas stove after cooking.

9. Keep a bucket of water handy while using fireworks. In case of Burn Injuries Due to Fire, Pour Water Over Burn Till Pain Subsides.

1. Don’t middle with electrical fixtures like plugs, wires switches and sockets.

2. Don’t leave spray cans on or near heaters or in direct sunlight they could explode.

3. Don’t throw matches, cigarette ends or pipe ash into waste pipe baskets.

4. Don’t place oil laps, agarbattis or candles on the floor or near combustible material.

5. Don’t wear loose, flowing clothes while cooking specially avoid synthetic clothing.

6. Don’t keep crackers in you pocket or use fireworks inside the house.

7. Never light fireworks under confinement in a metal container.

8. Never light flowerpot (anar) while holding it.

9. Never reach for any article over a fire.

10. Don’t refill a burning stove. And never leave open fire unattended.