Dos and Don ts-Confined space

Dos and Don ts-Confined space:

  1. In a confined space emergency, the first thing you should do is report the situation immediately to the entry supervisor, who will notify the emergency rescue team.
  2. If the entrants can perform a self-rescue safely, keep in contact with them throughout the entire procedure, and assist them in any way possible without actually entering the space.
  3. If a non-entry rescue is required and you are trained, equipped, and authorized to perform a non-entry rescue, proceed with this procedure, keeping in constant contact with entrants.
  4. If the space must be entered to rescue entrants, keep in contact with entrants, if possible, let them know that help is on the way, and wait for the rescue team to arrive.

  • Do not leave your post at the entry point to the confined space until the rescue team arrives.

  • Do not allow anyone except the designated rescue team to enter a confined space in an emergency.