Dos and Don ts - X Ray

Dos and Don ts - X Ray:

  1. Clean and disinfect rooms, wipe down x-ray equipment, portables and c-arms.
  2. Stock linens and supplies. (this will help you get used to where the supplies are located)
  3. Organize equipment and supplies to look presentable.
  4. Check supplies and medications/contrast media for expiration dates and purge expired items.
  5. Check the crash carts and blanket warmers.
  6. Look for depleted oxygen tanks in the department and replace.
  7. Clean image plates if you have CR systems. (have a tech show you how if you haven’t done it before)
  8. Make sure each room has oxygen and suction supplies ready to use.
  9. Make copies of any forms that are running low and check to see if printers need paper.
  10. Review images for quality control and practice critique.

  1. Sit down and kick your feet up (and expect a break in 20 minutes).
  2. Make a personal phone call in the department.
  3. Disappear without saying anything – let someone know if you need to step out.
  4. Engage in gossip.
  5. Complain about being slow.
  6. Have sensitive/personal conversations in common areas.
  7. Play video games on your smart phone or browse social media.
  8. Bring food into the patient care area.
  9. Barge into a room with an exam underway – even if you’re just trying to help.
  10. Put KY jelly in another tech’s 7-layer burrito and expect them to laugh (true story – wasn’t me).