Dos and Don ts - Welding and Gas cutting

Dos and Don ts - Welding and Gas cutting :

  • Check if the area contains flammable liquids / gases. Ensure that there are no floor openings, open windows nearby or any such ready access through which sparks can pass and fall on combustible materials.
  • Remove all combustible materials to a safe distance at least 20 feet.
  • Sweep the floor and the area nearby and remove all waste materials.
  • If any of the combustible materials cannot be removed, cover it with non combustible coverings like metal sheets or asbestos curtains.
  • If the floor itself is combustible, cover it likewise and wet it before starting welding work.
  • In case welding or cutting has to be done on a vessel, pipe or other container which contains or had earlier contained flammable liquids, ensure that a detailed “permit –to-work” procedure involving isolation, blanking, purging, inverting methods is followed.
  • Use portable screens, booths or partitions to minimize the spread of sparks.
  • Keep an observer ready with a portable extinguisher, water buckets etc.
  • Ensure that gas cylinders, hose pipes, torches and other appliances are properly selected, installed and used.
  • In case of electric welding check the connections, cables and ear thing in particulars.
    • Ensure that the welder uses appropriate personal protective equipments like goggles, gloves, boots, spats, fire blanket and if necessary an approved respirator.
    • Inspect the area for sparks or moldering materials. If you find any, remove and extinguish them.
    • If any portable extinguisher has been used, replenish it.
    • Gas cylinders, blow-torches etc. should be returned to the stores or kept at authorized place.
    • Cordon off lower areas where welding or gas cutting is going.
    • Display suitable signage

1. No combustible material should be present in the vicinity.

2. Don’t allow any unauthorized person in working area.

3. Don’t allow any loose connection.

4. Don’t allow unsafe joints of electric cables.

5. Don’t use damaged hose pipe/Welding lead.

6. Don’t allow untrained Welder or Gas Cutter.

7. Don’t use bare electric cable.

8. Do not leave electric circuits on, or blow-torches burning when the welder has to take a tea break or has to be away for any reason.

9. Don’t leave the gas cylinders valves open during lunch or tea breaks.

10. Don’t allow any parallel work with welding & cutting work.

11. Don’t allow smoking near the work area.