Dos and Don ts- Machine safety

Dos and Don ts- Machine safety:

  • train all machine operators on proper machine operation and safety procedures.
  • inspect machinery before each use-ensuring that safeguarding systems are in place and working properly.
  • follow all machine operating and maintenance instructions.
  • use appropriate personal protective equipment-such as safety glasses or goggles, respiratory protection and hearing protection.
  • keep hands away from all moving parts-at all times.
  • exercise good housekeeping. Clean all tools after each use and store them properly.
  • keep work area clean and well-lit.
  • ensure hazardous energy is isolated and controlled if access to hazardous parts is needed.

  • wear loose clothing, jewelry, neckties or other garments and accessories that can become entangled with moving parts on the machine. Long hair must be tied back.
  • distract an operator while operating a machine.
  • leave machines running without supervision. Turn the power off completely before leaving the work area.
  • use your hands to remove material from the machine; use a vacuum cleaner, brush or rake.
  • remove, disable, deactivate or try to work around machine guards and safety devices. They’re here to protect you.
  • use machines with missing or disabled guards or protective devices
  • try to access areas of a machine that have hazardous moving parts while the machine is running.
  • use a machine for anything it is not designed to do.