Dos and Don ts - Lead acid battery

Dos and Don ts - Lead acid battery :

  • DO properly dispose of batteries by delivering them to: the wholesaler or retailer from whom you purchased the batteries, a permitted secondary lead smelter, a facility that recycles the batteries by extracting the lead, or a collection center that sends batteries to a smelter or recycle.
  • DO avoid long term storage of batteries. Dispose of them at least every 6 months.
  • DO store batteries upright in a secure, covered location on an impermeable (sealed) surface. Check often for leaks.
  • DO get a receipt and maintain records for 5 years.
  • DO promptly report large releases to the FDEP or the 24 hour Environmental Response Hot line. Package and handle spills as hazardous wastes.

  • DON'T place lead acid batteries in garbage to be collected.
  • DON'T take lead acid batteries to a landfill.
  • DON'T incinerate (burn) batteries.
  • DON'T pile batteries higher than four high.
  • DON'T store batteries out doors, unprotected from the weather.
  • DON'T pour battery acid onto the ground or into a drain.