Dos and Don ts - Indoor air quality

Dos and Don ts - Indoor air quality:

  • Replace your furnace filter. I won’t get on my soapbox, but replacing your furnace filter is one of the simple maintenance things you can do to improve indoor air flow. Replacing your 1″ filter every month and your 4″ filter every 3 months will help more air to circulate through the system.
  • Run the fan on your unit all the time. Always be circulating your air throughout your home. This has many benefits beyond just air flow!
  • Get regular system tune-ups. This is equally important as replacing your furnace filters. Often times we can see things you can’t! 

  • Don’t close your registers thinking it will provide more air flow through the other open registers. Enough air needs to come through all your registers to keep the air flow even and efficient.
  • Don’t put furniture over your registers. Makes sense, right? By blocking your registers with furniture or other big items you air immediately limiting air flow. Also double check to make sure you didn’t accidentally close a register when you ran over it with the sweeper.
  • Don’t open your windows. You may think that this will help the problem, but in reality it will only increase humidity and make your house feel warmer than it is.