Dos and Don't s- Ergonomic work station

Dos and Don't s- Ergonomic work station:

  • DO keep moving. Set an alarm to remind you if you need it! Sitting for long periods wreaks havoc on your spine and circulation. Get up, stretch, MOVE!
  • DO try to keep your body in a neutral posture, which creates the least strain on your body.
  • DO keep your desk clear so you’re not forcing your body to work awkwardly around clutter.
  • Look for an office chair with proper lumbar support that adjusts to your body.
  • A laptop raiser positions your laptop for optimum ergonomics while relieving eye and neck strain.
  • A monitor arm makes it easy to adjust the height and position of your monitor to reduce upper back and neck pain.
  • Use a footrest to reduce lower back pressure and increase blood flow.
  • A bright, adjustable light can reduce headaches, eye fatigue and neck strain.
  • Or try a standing desk to keep you moving! Less time spent sitting means less stress on your spine while increasing circulation and mental alertness.

DON’T use a desk or chair that’s not the proper height for your size. Everyone is different; find what works for you.

DON’T cradle your phone between your shoulder and ear.

DON’T keep your monitor too close or too far away, or hunch over a laptop. This can cause eye strain and headaches in addition to neck and back pain.