Dos and Don ts - Slip, trip and falls

Dos and Don ts - Slip, trip and falls:

  • Keep work areas neat and tidy, putting tools, materials, and other items away after use.
  • Pick up items off the floor, even if they didn’t put them there.
  • Step over or around obstructions, not on them.
  • Walk slowly and change directions slowly, especially when carrying a load.
  • Watch for changes in floor level—such as a few steps or a ramp up or down.
  • Report lighting problems, such as burned-out bulbs, to maintenance right away.
  • Use a flashlight if they need more light leaving the facility in the dark.

  • Don’t leave boxes, bags, tools, or other materials on the floor.
  • Don’t block walkways with hand trucks, equipment, or materials.
  • Don’t leave cords or cables in walkways.
  • Don’t place anything on stairs.
  • Don’t leave drawers open.