Dos and Don ts- Elevator

Dos and Don ts- Elevator

  • If the car is full, be patient and wait for the next ride. Do not overload and exceed elevator capacity.
  • Children must always be accompanied by an adult, and their hands should be held for the duration of the ride. Pets should be kept close on the leash.
  • If you notice something unusual about the elevator, e.g. broken mirror or noise, inform the facility management or the maintenance company.
  • When you enter the elevator, walk to the back of the car, face forward and keep away from the doors.
  • Watch your step when entering or exiting the elevator, as it may not be level with the ground.
  • Use the door opening button to hold a car for another person.

• Do not use elevators in case of fire or other emergency. Do not attempt to keep doors open by placing objects or body parts in their way. Use button to open the door instead.

• Do not overload or exceed elevator capacity when you are moving heavy or large items. Look for a service or a freight elevator or use the stairs instead.

• Do not play in or around an elevator.

• If trapped in the elevator, press the alarm button and wait for the service center to help. Do not attempt to get out on your own.