Dos and Don ts - Lawn mowers

Dos and Don ts -Lawn mowers:

  • Check the oil before operation.
  • Sign the log sheet enter hours, report problems.
  • Clean the mower after us(Wisk broom).
  • Be Gentle With Damaged Grass.

  • Sharpen Your Blades Regularly.

  • let your engine get low on oil.
  • let your radiator coolant get low.
  • suffocate your engine.
  • hit tree stumps.
  • try to use your mower to quickly re-spool rope or barbed wire.
  • operate your mower if safety equipment is not working properly. Do read your manual and follow all safety instructions.
  • let your mower deck get clogged with grass and debris.
  • let animals live in your mower.
  • use unsafe mower blades.
  • forget regular maintenance.
  • leave gas in your equipment for more than two weeks.